It’s not everyday when everything – from a good Caribbean travel package to the weather and your budget – just magically convenes into one single, perfect and fun Caribbean vacation. That stuff is for fairytale vacations, certainly not for simple, ordinary folks like you.

At the very best, you probably find a "so-so" Caribbean travel package that is slightly cheaper than the last one you checked out but has better options than that other cheap one you were considering. So you come home, work out a Caribbean travel plan and budget, and then log on to the site to book the package…only to find that the deal is already fully-booked. Just your luck.

One thing you should remember about Caribbean travel packages is that they are often offered only for very a limited period. So why wait? If you want to get that Caribbean travel package you want and get an edge over the competition, then do all that planning and budget analyzing BEFORE you search for deals.

And once you’re done with that, check out the list of Caribbean travel package resources we have compiled for you below:

TripAdvisor is a travel site that offers reviews of hotels and accommodations, food, activities, airfare, transportation, cruises, resorts, and many more from destinations worldwide. For the best deals, you can visit TripAdvisor’s SmartDeals page where you can find great Caribbean travel packages on the best hotels in the Caribbean.

For some people, last-minute bargains can be a great source of excellent travel deals. If you’re a haggler by nature, one who wants to haggle even when pressed for time, then American Express’ Last Minute Caribbean travel packages might just be what you’re looking for. The site offers current listings of their bargains and specials so check back often. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first page, there is also a search tool where you can search for bargains by destination, travel option or activity.

If cruises give you a different sort of high, then Travelocity may have the right Caribbean travel package cruise. Just check out their list of Cruise Deals, including their Biggest Sale of the Year cruises where you can book a qualified cruise and get up to $500 cash back.

Or maybe you’d like to receive a free digital camera, then go on and book one of Travelocity’s Caribbean travel packages on board any of the Celebrity or Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Other deals include:

• Free shore excursions
• $400 onboard credit and pre-paid tips
• Free oceanview upgrades
• Onboard amenities package worth $200 or more
• Free round-trip airfare

Another great source of Caribbean travel package cruise tours is Cruises-n-More. Offerings are updated daily so be sure to check their inventory of Caribbean travel packages often to get the latest offerings from them. The site even allows you to choose a cruise that is close to your home or choose one by destination, month, cruise length, and cruise line. At Cruises-n-More, everything is right at your fingertips.

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